The benefits of custom wardrobes

Choosing a custom wardrobe design is a much more involved and in-depth process than purchasing a standalone piece of bedroom furniture. To start, you can choose from an array of colours and styles, and then there’s the physical build of the unit, which again is open to interpretation depending on the room it will sit in. Take the finishing touches, choice of materials and the fact that you’re investing in a piece of furniture that will become a semi-permanent fixture of your bedroom for the long term, and you can quickly see why a lot more thought is required than if you were simply picking up a freestanding wardrobe from your local furniture shop.

With that said, the buying and research process brings with it a whole new world of possibilities. The possibility to fully customise your wardrobe and to not have to settle for anything less than bespoke, is a huge advantage of creating a custom wardrobe design.

At B&Q Sliding Doors, we offer complete customisation of our fitted wardrobes, thanks to our online wardrobe configurator tool. Read on for more detailed information on the benefits of custom wardrobes, and just how far you can go when creating a bespoke wardrobe with us at B&Q Sliding Doors.

Custom wardrobes vs standalone wardrobes – the build

A crucial aspect of choosing your own custom wardrobe is the build itself. The shape, structure and size of every bedroom is different, and so when you take a freestanding wardrobe, you’re soon met the limitations that it comes with. Whilst it may fit into your space just fine, there’s a good chance that it won’t perfectly line up. And why would it? After all, it wasn’t built for your space, it wasn’t built for any specific space.

This is where our bespoke wardrobes come in. Using the wardrobe configurator tool, a custom height and width can be set, up to 2490mm and 4555 mm respectively. This takes away any guess work when measuring up and ensures that your fitted wardrobe looks exactly as it should, fitting into your room perfectly.  

Colour co-ordinate to your bedroom décor

Next up is colour. Colour is as important as fit when it comes to matching to your bedroom, and as we’re visual creatures at heart, it’s often the first thing we connect with.

It’s also one of the few things we’re very sure about. Straight away we’ll know the colour scheme of our home and whether or not a colour fits in with it. We’ll also have colours we dislike strongly. But just because we’re innately aware of our preferences and tastes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll know exactly which colour swatch we want. Narrowing down to one is often very difficult.

At B&Q Sliding Doors, we offer free swatch samples to order, and you can choose up to eight. Seeing your chosen material and colour finish up-close and holding it physically can go a long way in helping you to decide which to buy. This, again, is another luxury you simply aren’t afforded with a standalone wardrobe, unless by pure luck the manufacturer has already decided to make them in your favourite colour.

The benefits of professional installation

Our professional sliding wardrobe installation service is competitively priced and carries a two year ‘fit’ guarantee. This is on top of the standard ten-year warranty that comes with all of our Space Pro sliding wardrobes.

First, our team of installation specialists will carry out a virtual survey over a phone call. We aim to do this within two days of your purchase, and it involves ensuring all measurements have been correctly taken and logged, as well as advising you on how to prepare the area for a trouble-free installation.

Find out more about our sliding wardrobe installation, including pricing, our expectations and extra information on liners. For DIY enthusiasts, or if you’re simply fully capable of installation yourself, we offer a do-it-yourself option, with available instructions and how-to guides.

Speak to our experts for more information

Are you considering investing in a custom wardrobe? Perhaps you’re already partway through the buying journey. If so, and you’d like to find out more about our products, and the benefits of what we offer speak to one of our experts here or call us on 03333 44 8565.