How to choose the right sliding wardrobe door design for your home

Choosing a sliding wardrobe is an exciting time in your buying journey, you’re looking online and possibly also spending time in physical stores. You know you’d like something that’s a cut above your typical free-standing wardrobe, something that will last a long time, but you haven’t yet decided on the details of colour, size or style – let alone finishing touches.

In the first of our new Here to help series, we’re going to run through some of the things to consider when you’re just starting out on your fitted wardrobe buying journey.

Choosing a sliding wardrobe colour to match your bedroom

We’re very visual creatures, and so it’s only natural that we’re driven by our eyes first. And when it comes to bedroom furniture, why should wardrobes be any different? You’ll want to make sure that your new sliding-door investment makes the cut when it comes to fitting in with the rest of your bedroom décor.

Think natural colours, versatile tones and timeless designs. For example, if you have a very easy-on-the-eye, light and natural look to your bedroom, you’ll want to avoid any colours that could potentially come off as harsh, or too bold. Think warm but not overpowering, natural but still characteristic. For these sorts of tones, we recommend our Shaker Sliding Door range, which is available in four finishes: Oak, Walnut Cashmere and Stone Grey. These choices are perfect for complementing subtle, neutral décor styles.

Mirrored and bold sliding wardrobe door designs

For those with a richer, more intense colour scheme, choosing a wardrobe that stands out and makes a subtle impact against your bold décor is key. Think bright, metallic linings and sharp edges. What can also work well with this, more modern, upfront look, is the addition of mirrors. Adding mirrors to your sliding wardrobe can reflect light outwards and add space and light, which will prevent a room with a lot of bold, dark colours from becoming too muffled and crowded.

For this look, we recommend our Minimalist Sliding Doors range. This range includes both glass and mirrored panel finishes, which have silver frames and are available in multiple colours.

Inspired by Italian design, and stripped-back, the glass panels on this design dominate the overall look of the wardrobe, letting it stylishly stand out against your modern, minimalist bedroom.

Ensuring your wardrobe is designed to your exact requirements

Designing your own sliding wardrobes isn’t just about how they look and appear, although that is important, it’s also about the physical build and construction of the furniture unit itself.

We understand that no two bedrooms are the same, and the actual size and shape of the room will ultimately determine what you can fit in it. With this in mind, we offer our wardrobe configurator tool, which allows you to enter a custom width between 1100mm and 5000mm, and a custom height between 1100mm and 2490mm. Beyond this, you can choose the number of doors, whether or not your doors are panelled and if you’d like to include end panels or liners. Combined with a choice of colourways and materials, our custom wardrobe tool allows you to fully configure your dream wardrobe.

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